Pillar of Civilization

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How Administrative Science Affects Our Everyday Lives

Administrative Science is generally defined as the study of public administration, governance, and/or management. While this may sound prosaic to some, the modern world would cease to function, quite literally, without this vital discipline.

‘Public administration’ is generally seen as the implementation of government policy. At the same time ‘governance’ comprises all processes of governing a particular society. ‘Management,’ meanwhile, refers to the running of organizations, including businesses.

All of these vital sub-disciplines fall under the rubric of ‘administrative science,’ which has long represented and will continue to represent, a pillar of modern civilization.

All Things Admin-Sci

This website is devoted to everything having to do with the administrative sciences and their related disciplines, including public administration, governance, and management. Related fields also include finance, economics, human and industrial relations, law, policy, planning, and politics.

Here, readers with an interest in administrative sciences can find engaging articles about these and other topics. Articles range from informative biographies about famous administrative scientists and educators to recaps and reviews of classic texts on the subject.

Readers will also find tips for pursuing careers in the administrative sciences, along with recommendations on which universities have the best administrative science departments.

Everyday Life

But this website isn’t only for admin-sci geeks. People from all walks of life, and of every profession, can benefit from the helpful information provided here.

With this in mind, readers should free to peruse the site and discover the many ways the administrative sciences affect their everyday lives.

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